Construction delays are one of the biggest issues facing the construction industry. The characteristics of delay factors and their level of impact vary from project to project, ranging from a few days to years. They have significant financial, environmental and social impact in construction projects; therefore, it is vital to investigate the causes of delay and analyse their impact. In this context, the paper was initiated to develop a model for analysing and quantifying the impacts of delay factors on railway construction projects. The system was evaluated using a case study of track doubling project between Chengannur and Mavelikkara. The analysis of case study using Delay Analysis System found that the doubling project might be delayed by 135 months. Also the most sensitive delay factors were identified from the sensitivity report.

Keywords: Critical Path Method, Delay Analysis system, Delay Factors, Frequency Index, Importance Weight, Influence Value, Monte Carlo Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis, Severity Index, Questionnaire Survey.