Rejection rate is one of the major issues in Indian foundry. Foundries try to reduce rejection by experimenting with process parameters or modifying method and tooling design which reduces the quality of castings and increase cost of production. By replacing the existing trial and error method with computer simulation foundries can reduce the rejection rate from 8.5 to 3.5 %. The paper titled "Reducing rejection rate of castings using Simulation Model" is aimed at reducing rejection rate of castings in an Indian foundry. The overall goal of the project proposed here in is to reduce the rejection rate using simulation model in foundries. In this paper a case study on a cylinder clamp casting of Milacron product, which is having high rejection rate in an Indian foundry is taken and the defects of casting are solved using the proposed simulation model with Magma 5 software and the effective solutions for reducing rejection rate for the product is also given.

Keywords: Casting defects, simulation model for casting, quality tools, casting simulation, Foundry process, rejection control of castings.