In this paper an experimental analysis of a hybrid liquid desiccant dehumidifier system is conducted. Dehumidification of air is effected in a packed column packed with random packing in which air and the desiccant solution flow in a counter flow manner so as to exchange heat and moisture and after heat and mass transfer it is circulated through the regenerator where it is re-concentrated. The desiccant chosen for the analysis is aqueous solution of calcium chloride. The packed bed consists of polypropylene intalox saddle. After dehumidification the desiccant is regenerated in an absorber of similar construction as the dehumidifier .The effect of different operating variables on performance of both dehumidifier and regenerator are studied. The parameters studied are the effect of mass air flow rate, air inlet temperature, and desiccant inlet temperature. The practicability of additional dehumidification of supply air by the desiccant loop of the hybrid system is demonstrated.