This paper describes the analysis part of the implementation of Six Sigma methodology in the existing system of manufacturing of blood bag in M/S HLL LIFECARE LTD, Aakulam,Thiruvananthapuram. As blood bags are the important integral part of medical field the quality assurance and quality control of each components at each stages of production is very important as it is the matter of human life. When it comes to the matter of Quality, medical related equipments should stand at the zenith in quality ranking. In the analysis phase different measurement systems existing in the company are noted and also the specification limits for the product. A thorough analysis of the different processes is also to be performed and study different critical processes of manufacturing and quality checking systems in the company. Also possible causes for process deviations are analyzed during the course of project period. According to the collected data from the manufacturing plant and quality control laboratory a detailed study on CTQs and critical components are noted. Also with the current rejection rate and defects the yield % and sigma level is also found out. At the final phase of the project the new improved sigma level is found out.

Keywords: Six Sigma Methodology, rejection rate, CTQ etc.