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7th National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology (NCRTET'19)

Date: 2nd April 2019

A Novel Methodology for Authentication and Car Security Using Image Processing

Vasanth Kumar N, Pradeepraj G, Praveen N, Venkat S, Jeya anusuya S
Abstract PDF

RFID Based Recommendation System of Food Ingredients for Patients with Specific Diseases

S.Jeya Anusuya, C.Shalini, D.Divyakumari, G.S.Lavanya, R.Monesha
Abstract PDF

Traffic Sign Detection to Avoid Accidents by Using Image Processing & Raspberry Pi

Jeya Anusuya S, Edward Paulraj J, Anitha G, Anjali Devi P, Chevandhi R
Abstract PDF

Magnetic Levitation Building Preventing from Earthquake

S. Jeya Anusuya, G.Pavithra Devi, E.R.Priyadarshini, S.Swathi
Abstract PDF

Boiler Critical Parameters Control

S.Jeya Anusuya, M.Mary Grace Neela, P.Gomathi, P.Priyanka, R.Tamilvani
Abstract PDF

Advanced Accident Detection Using NFC Technology

Jeya Anusuya S, Pavaiyarkarasi R, Abhirami R, Aswini J, Keerthana D
Abstract PDF

Detection and Recognition of Vehicle Using Neural Networks

Mrs. S. Jeya Anusuya, Mr. J.Edward Paul Raj, Manoj Kumar.J, Selva Kumar. T, Vijaya Raghavan. K
Abstract PDF

Missile Burst Prevention and Tracking System Using Image Processing In MATLAB

Naveenkumar R, Pandiyan K, Prakash M, Saravanaperumal V, Jeya anusuya S
Abstract PDF

Smart Indoor and Outdoor Guiding System for Blind

S. Jeya Anusuya, S. Venkat, P. Nagasree , R.Soniya , P.N.Srilekha
Abstract PDF

Intelligent Traffic Controlling and Monitoring System Based on Image Processing

S. Jeya Anusuya, S.Venkat .,M.Tech., R.Ram Kumar, R.Sathish Kumar ,R.Shanmuga Sundaram
Abstract PDF

Underground Soil Communication by Wireless Underground Sensor Network (WUSN)

S. Jeya Anusuya, G.Bhavani, R.Sugantha Devi, G.swatha, S.Vanitha
Abstract PDF

A Survey on Next Generation Emergency Communication

Y.Phani Venkat Sai, Dr.G.R.Sakthidharan
Abstract PDF

Early Stage of All Disease Diagnosis Application Using Iris Image in Image Processing

S.Jeya Anusuya, M.Krishnamoorthy, Raadhika.T.K, Ramadevi, R,Sarulatha.M
Abstract PDF

Rail Robot-Unmanned Automatic Track Cleaning Robot

S.Jeya Anusuya, G.Bhavani, V.Karthika, K.Kaviyasree, B.R.Manju
Abstract PDF

Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

S.Jeya Anusuya, R.Pavaiyarkarasi, V.Nithya, E.Srinithi, E.Nathiya
Abstract PDF

Doctors Assistive System using Augmented Reality for Critical Analysis

Jeya Anusuya S, Shalini.C, Devi K, Hemalatha S, Kamatchi Y
Abstract PDF

Dynamic Vision Sensor Based High Efficient Device Control System

S. Bhavani, P. Hemavathi, B. Ishwariya, Sathya S V, J Eya Anusuya S
Abstract PDF

Driver’s Efficiency and Rating Application

C.Siddharth, A.Hariharan, S.Dineshkumar, G.Indhumathi
Abstract PDF

Smart Park: A Method to Save Unwanted Power Wastage Using Machine Learning and Image Processing

Poornima K., Malarmathi J., Varsini R., Ms. A V Kalpana
Abstract PDF

Sharing and Monitoring of Medical Health Records

T.Yeswanth, S.Sathyanarayanan, K.Mohammed ziaudeen, Dr.E.Sujatha
Abstract PDF

Trip Analysis Using Modern Ticketing

Dr.R.Sugumar, A.Alex Raajan, B.Aravindh, M.Santhosh Kumar
Abstract PDF

Parkspot – An Android Application for Rental Parking In the Houses

Ms.Pranamita Nanda, R.Purusothaman, M.Senthil Kumar, N.Siva Kumar
Abstract PDF

A Survey on Secure Smart Shopping System

K. Ajay Kumar, Dr.G.R.Sakthidharan
Abstract PDF

Improving Data Spillage in Cloud Storage Services

Mr.A.Anbumani, S.Surendar, V.K.Kabilan, A.D.Akash Kumar
Abstract PDF

Implementation of Geusture Keyboard Using Machine Learning

Bharathi M, Bhavani R, Keerthana Priya B, R.Paavaikarasi
Abstract PDF

Gesture to Speech Converter for the Mute Community Using IOT

S.Jeya Anusuya, M.Mary Grace Neela, R.Preethi, G.Ramya, A.Sophia Packia Selvi, R.Suganya
Abstract PDF

A Modern Methodology Preventing Vehicle Accident and Attacker Identification System using Black Box in Cars

Dr. M. N. Vimal Kumar, Sridharan S, Uma Mageswaran R., Vishnu B.
Abstract PDF

Li-Fi Based Video Compression and Transmission for Biomedical Application

Mrs. R. Aarthi, Radha B, Pushpalatha M, Priyadharshini V
Abstract PDF

Glucose Flow Control Using WSN and Keypad

Dr.K.Helen Prabha, Santhosh Kumar V, Rudhranayahan B, Rahul S
Abstract PDF

Performance Improvement of Low Power and Fast Full Adder by Exploring New XOR and XNOR Gates

M.loga Lakshmi, S.Jeya Anusuya M.E,(Ph.D), S.V.Sathyah
Abstract PDF

Systematic Design of an Approximate Adder: The Optimized Lower Part Constant –Or Adder

A.Bhuvana, S.Jeya Anusuya, G.Bhavani,
Abstract PDF

An Area Efficient VLSI Design of Phase Measurement System for FPGA

P.Surenraj, S.Jeya Anusuya, V.Saravana Perumal,
Abstract PDF

Simulation Analysis of 2D Filtering by Using Radix-3 Multiplier Less Stream Processor

N.Ezhilarasi, S.Jeya Anusuya, M.Mary Grace Neela
Abstract PDF

Trolley System Using RFID Technology

Shalini.C, Blessy Jeba.J , Pooja.S , Sanjithaa Sree .BR
Abstract PDF

An Intensive Rate Control in Accident Zone Using RF Sensor

A.Durga, S.Hemalatha, P.Manisha, Jeya Anusuy.S,
Abstract PDF

A Unique Methodology for Sea Border Intrusion Alert and Black Box System Using Lora WAN

V. Saravana Perumal, R. Rajesh, D. Santosh, N. Vignesh
Abstract PDF

Water Management System Using Dynamic IP Based Embedded Websever in Real Time

Mrs.Jeya Anusuya , MR.Krishnamoorthy, K.Sunder, K.Suresh, C.Hemkumar
Abstract PDF