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Volume 7, Issue 12, December 2018



Empirical Analysis of Energy Consumption of Acceleration-Based Wireless Sensor Nodes Used for Pipeline Monitoring

Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712001


Facade Failure Trends Analysis in High Rise Buildings during Construction Phase in Jakarta

Wildan Muadz Effendi, Oei Fuk Jin
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712002


Modification of conventional doors of Indian Railways for Crowd Management

Arun B, Giri Haran S, Jeevanandham B, Arjunkanth A T M
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712003


Optimal Utilization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Resources in DC Micro Grid System

M.Muthukumar, M.Vignesh, A.Suresh, K.Sureshkumar, B.Balaji
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712004


Experimental Study on Synthesis of Cerium Oxide Nano Particles, Extraction of Bio Diesel from Algae and Comparison of Fuels with Cerium Oxide Nano Particles

R.Shanmugavelan, S.Mekala, S.Mohanapriya
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712005


Power Conditioning Unit for Wind Energy Conversion System Using SEPIC Converter

N.Vinothini, S.Pavithra
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712006


Implementing Internet of Things by Front End Solution and MQTT

I. Abinaya, M.Karthik, R. Nithyadevi, B. Deepa
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712007


IOT Based Smart Health Monitoring Technology

A.Balaji, R.Preyadharan
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712008


The Analysis of the Fruition of Phantom Energy in the Light of Friedmann’s Equations in a Dark Energy Model Universe

Pallavi Saikia
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712009


Security to Data Access in Cloud Computing using Learning Techniques and Cryptanalytic Strategies

G.Sreelatha, Dr.A.Kanaka Durga, T.Sandeep
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712010


A Study on Effective Utilization of Quarry dust in Self Compacting Concrete with Admixtures

A.Sabarinathan, Dr.S.Suresh
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712011


Study of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Climate among Academics Staff in Some Selected Private Universities in Bhopal City

Dr.Pavan Mishra, Bhupendra Vaidya
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712012


Efficient and Robust System to Recognize Gestures of Hands

Gaurav Sahu, Dr. Sonam Mittal
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712013


Smart Classroom – Application of Gesture Recognition

Dr. Sonam Mittal, Gaurav Sahu
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712014


Precautionary Construction Management for Sustainability

Roshan Patil, Prof. Ghanasham Chandrakant Sarode
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712015


Colouring of Finite Sets and Colouring of Edges of Finite Graphs

M.E. Hassan
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712016


Monitoring and Controlling of Environmental Parameters Using Raspberry Pi

Ashwini S. Malewar, Shaila P. Kharde
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712017


A Review on Various Industrial Pallets

K Laxmikanth Reddy, Pavan kumar, Vamshi Kadali, Singirala Navya Sree
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712018


A Survey on Smart Chatbot for Personalized Travel Recommendation

Ankita Sabat, Janavi Chaudhari, Shreyas Mehendale, Siddhant Kosabe, S. G. Dhengre
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712019


Retaining Waste Rotational Energy through Repulsive Magnetic Coupling

Apurv Deokar, Shreyas Kulkarni, Siddhesh Chavan, Surender Gupta, Suyog Balankar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712020


Suitability of Groundwater for Irrigation Purpose: A Case Study from WRN-1 Watershed from Wani Area, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra

D. B. Malpe, Rajshree Yenkie, Deepali Marghade, Biswajit Hazarika
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712021


Scene Text Extraction from Invariant Complex Image by Using Gaussian Filter and Fuzzy Logic

Nouri Ali, Husayn Abo showfa, Osama Almabrouk
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712022


Study of People Movement on the Throughput of Wi-Fi Networks and the Significant Changes that Affect WLAN Performance By Using Brownian Motion Mobility Model, Bounded Random Mobility Model & MobiSim v3 software To Model The J N T University Hyderabad India

Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi, Prof.Avula.Damodaram, Prof. V Kamakshi Prasad
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712023


Wind and Solar Hybrid Generation at Variable Speed of Wind Based With SOFC

Ms.Komal P.Hole, Prof.Saurabh H.Thakare
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712024


Proof of Concept and Analytic Considerations of Coaxial Solid Pulsed Plasma Thrusters

M. A. Othman, Aly M. Elzahaby , Ah. El-S. Makled, M. Khalil
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712025


Finite Element Analysis and Topology Optimization Design for Front Platen of Injection Molding Machine

Maulesh H Parikh, Krushal U Salaskar, Parth A Giri, Aliasgar T Marchawala, Bhavin R Patel, Krunal B Patel, Farhan S Ganam , Meet Prajapati, Meet Patel, Yuvraj Raulji
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712026


Curie Temperatures of CoxMg1-x Fe2O4 Ferrite System By Loria Technique

Sambhaji Maruti Kadam
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712027


Non-Linear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Transverse Circular Opening Using Finite Element Method ABAQUS

Henok Manaye Kebede, Lohith Kumar B C
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712028


Effect of Photoperiod on the Body Weight of Silver Pheasant (Lophura-nycthemera)

Dr. Rachana Singh
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712029


Performance Analysis of FSO-OFDM in Foggy weather condition

Chinmayee Panda , Urmila Bhanja
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712030


Effect of Nozzle Hole Geometry on Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled with Thevetia Peruviana Biodiesel

A.J.Deokar, P.A.Harari, S.E.Sutar, P.P.Hodage, J.V.Patil, A.R.Kole
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712031


Survey on Malicious Posts Detection in Social Networks

Gurunath Aade, Rahul Kapse, Ekta Ukey
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712032


Detection and Monitoring of Unauthorised Vehicles in BRT System

Prof. Rahul R. Patil, Anuja B. Shinde, Atharva D. Vaidya, Vikrant V. Wyawahare,Yeluri Nikhileshkiran.
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712033


Detection of Internal Intruder Using Users Habit File

Ameya Nitin Ghorpade, Prof. H. P. Channe
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712034


Intelligent Recommendation System Based on Behavioural Analysis Approach

Vinita S. Patil
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712035


Optimization of Milling Process Parameters Using Taguchi Parameter Design Approach

P.Vijendran, K. Sasank Kumar, T. Venkata Divakara
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712036


LSB Approach in Video Steganography

Nikita N. Pawar, S.S.Gadekar, P.R.Thorat
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712037


Effect of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga™ and Associated Meditation Techniques on the Connection and Sensitivity towards Environment

Nupur Rau, Sumeet Ingole, Air Commodore Shashank Kulkarni VSM (retd.), Divya Kanchibhotla
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712038


Analyzing the Effect of Downtime Cost of Equipment Used In a Construction Industry

Bhushan B. Malusare, Prof. Hemant Salunkhe
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712039


An Implementation of Authenticity of Profiles against Spoofing by Pre-emptive Mechanism on OSNs

Divya Naga Lakshmi Chunduri, Dr M. Sampath Kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712040


Antimicrobial Activity of Hydroalcoholic Twigs Extract of Moringa Oleifera

Sandhya Pandey, Madhuri Singhal
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712041


Results of Industrial Tests and Implementation of the Nanodemulsifier “IKHLAS” -1 in Cleaning Oil from Water And Water From Oil at the Field of “Phystech II”

Nugmanov A.K, Dashdiyeva T.K
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712043


Time Delay and Cost Overrun in Construction Industry of India

Sunil A. Kage, Meghendra R. Mane, Arjun M. Chougule, Abhishek V. Kadam, Rushikesh S. Majale
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712044


Rainfall Analysis and Variation over Ecological Zones in Nigeria

G.O. Oyerinde, T.A. Adetula, O.I. Alabi, B.O. Akogwu, J.A. Bwamba, T.I. Imalerio, O.A. Babalola
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712045


Summing Up Water Characteristics with Software-Analysed Trophic Interrelations in a Pond

Rekha Kumari, Nitu Kumari, Jainendra Kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712046


Survey on Identity-Based Access Control for Big Data with Revocation Function

Tejashri Ekatpure, Vikas Nandgaokar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712047


A Novel Approach towards Highly Efficient Solar Cells

Puspendu Roy, Baishali Bera, Dr. Subhajit Ghosh
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712048


Design and Development of Graphene - Zinc Oxide Composites and their Radiation Sensing Characterization

Rajesh Kumar, A. Singh , Sunita Mishra
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712049


Social Image Re-ranking Scheme Using Image Annotation

Sanjaykumar J Khandare, Prof. Pravin. P. Nimbalkar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712050


Design and Simulate an OSPF Routing Protocol based Network on Packet Tracer

Pravesh Kumar Chaudhary, Ravi Kumar, Sumit Kaushik
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712051


Survey on Recent Research in Cyber Security in Cloud

Jaitee A. Bankar, Aishwarya S. Chavan
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712052


Underground Cable Fault Detection Using Matlab

Sahilbhai Vhora, Jaimin Atodaria, Ashutosh Singh, Hardik Kotak, Ankur K. Gheewala
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712053


Literature Review on Smart Energy Meter

Vishal Devaliya, Ajaysinh Chauhan, Feni Faldu, Kapishawar Mishra, Sourav Choubey
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712054


A Study of Thermodynamics Learning

K V Muralidhar Sharma, Dr. S G Gopala Krishna, Dr. N. Kapilan
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712055


Study on Separation Distance between Adjacent Buildings for Prevention of Seismic Pounding

Ajit Vilas Karande, Prof. Yashwant P Pawar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712056


Evaluate the Performance of Diagrid Building for Bracing Angle and Shape

Manasi Suresh Kambale, Prof.Shriganesh S Kadam
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712057


Seismic Behavior Evaluation of Base – Isolated Structure with Different Isolators

Rohit Laxman Gaikwad, Prof. Shriganesh S Kadam
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712058


Survey on Image Segmentation using Improved DBSCAN Algorithm and Edge Detection

Hrishikesh Kamble, Sanket Rane, Prince Raj, Yogesh Pawar, Shruti Choudhari
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712059


Adsorption of Phosphate from Waste Water Using Aluminium Impregnated Coir Pith

Kailas S, Deepika S
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712060


Severity and Security Analysis of Medical Internet of Things

Stalin David D
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712061


Development of Smart City Parking System Using Microcontroller

Monika Kute, Rasika Kulkarni, Shruti Nikumbh , Pallavi Kadam, Simran Pakhare
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712062


Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Ant Colony, Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Its Calculation of Area and Stage

Tejashri Kanherkar, Prof.Jayashree Pansare
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712063


Portable Camera Based Assistive Text Reading from Hand Held Objects for Blind Person

Priyanka Karande, Prof. Jogdand S. V
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712064


Survey Paper on Efficient Data Storage Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing

Soudagar Shinde, Manoj Thakur, Shriram Ghotekar, DhirajNavale.
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712065


A Case Study of Superficial Necrolytic Dermatitis and Its Therapeutic Management in a Great Dane Dog

Anju A.D, Vinu David P, Biju P Habeeb, Bibin K.C, Madhavan Unny, Dinesh P.T
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712066


Changing Cropping Pattern and it’s Determinant in Dry Subtropical and Cool Temperate Zone

Benuta Chhetri, Dr.Tulsi Gurung, Jigme Thinley
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712067


Comparison of Compressive Strength of concrete by Partial replacement of Recycled Coarse Aggregates

Krunal R. Thanki, Ammar F.Vanank
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712068


Development of a TPACK Instructional Module for Pre Service Economics Teachers

Raju Talreja, Dr. Kalpana Kharade
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712069


The Survey paper on “IOT Based Rainfall Monitoring System Using WSN Enabled Architecture”

Onkar Amale , Dr.Rupali Patil
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712070


A Survey on Providing Reading Assistance for Visually Challenged Individuals

Anita Kumari Khareshiya, Gaurav Dhande, Ghazala Mirani, G.B. Aochar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712071


A Finite Element Analysis of Laser Transmission Welding of Polycarbonate

Moussa Magara Traoré, Sekou Singare
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712072


Characterization of Dust on Solar PV of Tropical Zone of India

Rasika R Chougale, Pariksheet Ganguly
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712073


Review of Complex Multiplier using Vedic Real Multiplier and Different Types of Adder

Suman Pandey, Prof. Manish Gupta, Prof. Anshuj Jain
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712074


Review Paper on Multi-Level Discrete Wavelet Transform using CSD Technique

Sarita Chaurasia, Prof. Anshuj Jain
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712075


Assessment of AQI Measurement in Different Areas of Davangere City and its Effect on Human Health

Kole Prashant Prakash, Dr. G Manavendra, Deviprasad N Mirashi
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712076


Modeling, Simulation and Speed Control of PMSM Motor by using MATLAB/Simulink

Rana Vrajesh, Khan Sahal, Ashish Singh Rajawat, Rakholiya Tirth, Shah Dhrumil
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712077


Automated Railway Mobile Platform for Physically Challenged and Aged Persons

Sagar Sandip Karmarkar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712078


Construction Supervision of Structures-An Effective and Efficient Approach

Ashok Kumar Sharma, Kamlesh Kumar Ahirwar
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712079


Optimizing Performance of Web Content Discovery Based on Web Mining Process

Pawar S.Priyanka, Suchita Wankhade
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712080


Data Mining Based Web Vulnerability Scanner

Nilambari Chhagan Sonawane
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712081


Analysis on Solutions for Over-fitting and Under-fitting in Machine Learning Algorithms

Swathi P
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712086


Cost Effective Production of Biosurfactant Using Banana Peel

Mahesh Rangrej, Ranjana Khade
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712082


Survey Paper on Image Compressor using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Block Based Image Coding

Priyanka Chouksay, Prof. Neha Rathore
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712083


A Survey on Bioplastics from Non-edible Tamarind Seed Starch

V. M. Jothi Prakash, B. Elumalai , Dr. A. Ramadoss , Dr. S. Sathish
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712084


Study and Implementation of the detection of Multilevel Segmentation for MR Images using HSO and PSO framework

Priyanka Katuri
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712085


Fuzzy Logic in Reservoir Operation Modelling

Koshy P.S
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712087


Anita Desai: The Novelist at a Glance

Dr. Jyoti Sharma
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712088


Infrastructural Facilities and Industrial Development in District Bundi

Dr. Bhartendu Gautam
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712089


Freedom Movement and Hindi Poetries

Dr. Arun Lata Verma
Abstract PDF IJIRSET PDF FILE 10.15680/IJIRSET.2018.0712090