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IJIRSET Citation Report


6th National Conference on Computing Communication & information Technology (N3CIT 18)

Date: 22nd March 2018


Fully Rendered Image Data Application for Yachting (F. R. I. D. A. Y)

Perinban Parameshwaran, Vimal Raj V, Dr. R Anand
Abstract PDF


Smart Toll Payment Using QR Technology

Abilash C, Ezhilraj R, Krithikaa Venket V S
Abstract PDF


Detection and Removal of Spoofed Data Using VANET

Amudhavalli.D, Logeshwari.P, Tina Susan Thomas
Abstract PDF


Crowdsourcing based Disease Analyzer

Bhuvanesh E, Bhaskar N
Abstract PDF


Online Taxi Fleet

Deepak T, Adline Freeda R
Abstract PDF


Four Wheeler Detection and Traffic Prevention on One way Road

Amreen S, Divyapriya V, Anju.A
Abstract PDF


Design and Implementation of a Model to Retrieve Safety Information of Moving Vehicle

Mahalakshmi. K, Lydia. P, Tina Susan Thomas
Abstract PDF


Smart Soil Testing

S.Aswathy, S.Manimegalai, M.Maria Rashmi Fernando, Dr.J.Frank Vijay
Abstract PDF



A Anju, G Pranamya, K Yaminee
Abstract PDF


A Productive DDoS TCP Surge Assault Identification and Aversion Framework in Cloud

P. Pritikha, S. Sruthi, M. Baskar
Abstract PDF


Smart Mobile App for Electrical Defects

V.P.Sreekantha Kumar, U. Reshma, S. Sowndarya
Abstract PDF


Mobile Application for Excess Food Donation and Analysis

R.Adline Freeda, M.S.Sahlin Ahamed
Abstract PDF


Moving Object Segmentation and Classification of HEVC Compressed Video

V.S.Krithikaa Venket, M.Reeshma, K.N. Subhashini
Abstract PDF


Confidentiality Preserving Using Crowdsourcing for Android Users

Narendra Eswar G, Yashwant Rahul C.N, Bhaskar N
Abstract PDF


Time Specified Data Self-Destruction Scheme in Cloud

Sriram.M, Dr.R.Anand
Abstract PDF


Process Based Online Contents with Offensive Content Detection

Dinesh B, V. P. Sreekanthakumar
Abstract PDF


Retrieving Relevant Answer from Large Questions- Answer Dataset by Using Semantic Analysis and Natural Language Processing

Anusha T K, Hilda Jerlin C M, Jayashree M, S Muthumariammal, Dr. R. Janarthanan
Abstract PDF


Privacy Preserving Personalized Data by Sobel Edge Detection in Hybrid Cloud

Archana S, Mariya Anthony Selvi A, Jothi V, Ragu G, Dr. R. Janarthanan
Abstract PDF


An Efficient way of Virtual Client Tracking Mechanism using Desktop Virtualization

P.Kasthuri, N.Anu, B.Koormisha, Sudharson K, Asst. Prof.
Abstract PDF


Electronic Circuit Fault Diagnosis Problem Using Fuzzy Petrinets

Badi Alekhya B, Deepa S, Jeevitha s, Kiruthika D
Abstract PDF


Design Demanding Situations and Misconceptions in Named Entity Reputation

B.Manisha , A.Nivetha, V.Gnanasekar
Abstract PDF


Advanced Women Security System Using IOT Technology

Padmapriya.V, Saranya.R, Sangeetha.E, A.G.Balamurugan
Abstract PDF


Discovery of MicroRNAs and Transcription Factors Co-Regulatory Modules by integrating Multiple Types of Genomic Data

Pavithra.L, Santhoshi.S
Abstract PDF


Two Factor Authentication for Cloud Service Provider Invoking Biometric Authentication and Multiple Cloud Storage System

Priyanka, Narmadha , Gnanasekar
Abstract PDF


Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds

Ramya, Sandhya, Supriya , Karpagam
Abstract PDF


A Secure Cloud Media Center Application with Secure Deduplication and Anticollusion Attack

Selvi.K, Deepika.J, Rohini.S
Abstract PDF


Advanced Shipping Monitoring and Determine Motor Movement using RSSI

Sunitha.S, Vaishali.S, Mounisha.S, Dakchinamoorthy. AVB
Abstract PDF


Tracking of Elder People Using Smart System

Suresh.C, Rangeesh.S
Abstract PDF